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The Belair Edison Community

Belair-Edison is a community of Novak and Welsh-built red brick rowhouses situated on treelined streets. The residents pride themselves on being a strong community of caring people. In addition to the rowhomes there is a sprinkling of single and semi-detached homes. Belair-Edison is located in northeast Baltimore and situated around Belair-Road and Erdman Avenue with boundaries of Richmond Avenue to the west, Sinclair Lane to the east and south, and Seidel Avenue ( several blocks north of Herring Run Park) to the north.

At the one end of the community one can enjoy Herring Run Park, a bike path, a children’s playground, plenty of areas to walk yourself and your do. At the other end of the neighborhood is Clifton Park offering an eighteen-golf course and tennis courts. Also close to Belair-Edison is Lake Montebello, a favorite for exercise enthusiasts, including bikers, walkers, runners, and roller-skaters.

The community of Belair-Edison was established in 1940. Prior to the establishment of Belair-Edison, the Brehms Brewery occupied 624 acres around what is now Erdman Avenue and Brehms Lane, Breweries were once one of the main industries in this area of northeast Baltimore during the mid-1800s and underground tunnels have been found where brewery stored its wares. Later a village named Georgetown was thriving at the intersection of Belair Turnpike (now Belair Road and Erdman Avenue.

The homes west of Brehms Lane are the oldest homes dating back to the early 1930s and the homes to the east were built in the early 1950s. At the site of Sinclair Lane Elementary was a horse farm where residents could rent horse to ride through Herring Run Park. Erdman Avenue, near Sinclair lane was called “Lovers ‘Lane” in the earlier days.

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The business district along Belair Road has served the residents with many changes over the years. Gone are the community movie theater, bowling alley, bakery, which were owned by the Vilma family. Now, the business district and shopping centers offer easy access to your need and the business district is preparing for physical improvement to take place soon.

The Belair-Edison community is a diverse neighborhood where everyone is welcomed. Original residents still Belair-Edison home in addition to families, blue- and white- collars workers, and people from various cultures and backgrounds. Neighbors chat with each other while sitting on the front porch of in their backyards. Children play basketball, tennis, and ride their bikes through the alleys and at the parks and school lots. Neighbors help neighbors by picking up items from the grocery stores, participate in cleanups, cutting grass, shoveling snow and so forth.

Belair-Edison is located only a few miles from Interstate 95 and 895. It takes less than 15 minutes to get downtown Baltimore. Everything is also within walking distance to many bus lines. The community has churches representing many denominations, parochial, charter, and public schools, a full-service medical center, two grocery stores, and the Northeast Police Department.



Rita Crews

Vice President


Recording Secretary

Lynette Reed



Linda Luallen

Board Chair


Joyce Thomas


Linda Luallen & Anita Thompson, Co-Chair

Sabrina Wiggins, Chair

Dante Johnson

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